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From Grief to Peace
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From Grief to Peace

Mission Statement

From Grief To Peace (FGTP) advocates for those of you who are mourning the loss of your soul mate, whether you were married or not.

FGTP empowers you and assists you in your journey, enabling you to find your own way in your own time.

FGTP provides a holistic approach, giving those it helps the tools to persevere physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Principles of From Grief to Peace

  1. I will allow myself to grieve my soul mate, knowing that this will be hard.
  2. I will understand that I have the right to mourn the loss of my soul mate in my own way.
  3. I will acknowledge that my grief has no timeline.
  4. I will admit that grief has no rules.
  5. I will feel comfortable standing up for myself when others put their expectations on me.
  6. When I am stronger, I will pay it forward to help others who are mourning the loss of their soul mate.